How to Plan an Awesome Party on a Tight Budget

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Parties are all about celebration, food, dance, music, fun, and frolics! However, the extravagance of a party is often related to the budget. While the truth is that a truly memorable party does not come down to how much you spent, but how your guests feel. People may talk about your adorable overpriced napkins or expensive centerpieces for a day or two and then it’ll all be over! It’s the feeling that they experience at a party that will be talked about and remembered. It’s not a great budget that’s needed to throw a party. Following our tips, you can throw an awesome party even on a tight budget.

Leverage e-vites:

Instead of paper and card invitations, consider sending email invites as they are free to send. You can even create a page on Facebook to dole out food assignments and receive playlists required to rock and roll at the party! It’s the fastest way to tally guests and gain insights about the party requirements.

Make the most out of party etiquettes:

Firstly, cut down the major expense of throwing a party. Instead of partying out, fancy up the vibe at home. Now, when you throw a party at home, no matter how much you resist, your guests will always want to bring something to your party. You can actually leverage this party etiquette by asking each invitee to bring something that will help you keep your own expenses down. As an instance, you can ask them to bring appetizers, desserts, or bottles of wine to share.

Opt for DIY party decors:

You can actually forgo commercial decorations in favor of ones that are handmade. Youtube, Pinterest, and other such sites have millions of DIY ideas for decoration stuff!

Go for a cheaper version of party delicacies:

Offering a smattering of appetizer-sized edibles is yet another smart move to throw a party on a budget. Soup shooters, meat skewers, and dips fill up your guests, are extremely delicious and won’t burn your pockets too.

Choose your drinks wisely:

Instead of buying a variety of drinks from the liquor store, consider picking a signature drink for the night. As an alternative, you can also supply non-alcohol drinks, like sparkling water and punch to all your guests.


Pocket-friendly music:

As a matter of fact, good music and drinks get you 90 percent there. When you are throwing a party on a strict budget, you can play the role of DJ by loading your smartphone with the coolest music apps!

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Bring fun to your backyard with inflatables

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Do you remember those days when your school or parents would bring that giant inflatable obstacle courses or bounce castle? You were a young child full of energy, and this seemed the best way to have fun while getting rid of the extra energy. Well, the fact that you’re an adult doesn’t mean you cannot revisit the fun moments of your childhood with “bounce houses” which can be filled whatever you want during a backyard barbecue or a get-together with friends.

We got with our buddy Kevin who owns party rentals lexington ky to give us some tips on renting inflatables.

Whether you’re holding a private-home party event or having a community event at your backyard, inflatables will provide you with an indoor party place and add fun with open play.

Inflatable Water Slides

Innovation water slides allow kids and guests at your party to have fun in a water park right in your backyard. This is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to bring the fun of a water park, pool or the beach right in their home. Kids present in your party won’t need a swimming pool to enjoy a summer “splash” party. Allow everyone in your kid’s birthday party slide, splash, and shout while having the time of their life.

Inflatable water slides feature non-abrasive surfaces and sprinklers which help in keeping the slide wet. They are available in different themes, style, and colors. Note that they usually feature different inflatable decorations including tropical fish, parrots, dolphins and plan trees.

Other Inflatables to Consider

Hiring an inflatable basketball will allow your guests to challenge each other to a friendly shootout while practicing their hoop skills. Instead of worrying about a basketball court, bring this inflatable to your backyard and allow everyone present test their skills.

In addition to bringing an inflatable water park, you may also consider hiring an inflatable swimming pool where you can relax and hang together with the kids. This doesn’t really need guests around. You can just get one for yourself and the kids to help cool yourselves on a hot summer day. Set up an inflatable swimming pool for your family and have exciting moments and fun in summer.

Other inflatables that will bring fun right in your backyard include a double lane slide, a pirate ship jumping castle, a giant twister, a giant inflatable dart board, giant inflatable soccer ball, and an inflatable basketball. All these will get your family and friends together at different times of the year including summer. Safety is very important though. You must be careful with the kids as they play around and have fun.

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